Restore Confidence by Ensuring Healthy Air Indoors

You took reopening your facility seriously, and you have plans in place for cleaning, surface disinfection, social distancing, hand hygiene, and more.

However, mounting research suggests that COVID-19 aerosols could still remain in the air. Have you put measures in place to reduce the spread of these pathogens? ABM’s EnhancedFacility™ programme can help.

EnhancedFacility provides facility services and solutions focused on improving indoor air quality (IAQ) to enable better occupant wellbeing through improved building health, safety, and efficiency. We can help you implement effective strategies you need to improve IAQ that will help reduce viral transmission.

There are several new and advanced technologies for biohazard disinfection of the air and surfaces that may be effective depending on the unique needs of your facility that include Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization technology within HVAC systems, Dry Hydrogen Peroxide Generation, and Far-UV and UV-C lighting technologies. These specific recommendations help prioritise budgets to focus on actions that will make the most impact.

EnhancedFacility complements the cleaning and disinfection offered in EnhancedClean™.

Together, they help reduce viral transmission on surfaces and in the air.

Additional services like the installation of touchless fixtures and doors will also lower your facility’s risk. These programs create greater occupant trust and confidence about your commitment to their health and safety, during the pandemic and beyond.

Learn how ABM EnhancedFacility™ can help your facility.


How EnhancedFacility Works

Assess the Safety of your Facility
Assess the Safety of your Facility
Building Health Risk Assessment
HVAC inspection
Optimise Building Operations
Optimise Building Operations
HVAC system optimisation
Disinfecting lighting solutions
Touchless fixtures and doors
Total Building Health Resiliency
Total Building Health Resiliency
Electrical preventative maintenance
Energy efficiency upgrades
HVAC preventative maintenance

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EnhancedFacility Helps Optimise Facilities for Better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Higher IAQ will be a must-have in facilities for years to come. COVID-19 is a turning point for facility management as enhanced air quality, higher building performance, and less high-touch surfaces will be expected moving forward.


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ABM’s Integrated Approach to Indoor Air Quality

Occupant health hinges on indoor air quality. Learn how a combination of ventilation, filtration and disinfection can make your facility safer and healthier - right now and for the long term.


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UV Light and Air Disinfection

During the pandemic, disinfection for not only surfaces, but also air has become vital in enabling occupant health, safety, and confidence in many facilities. Discover the role UV light technology plays in creating higher indoor air quality (IAQ).


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