Solutions for Critical Environments

Whether you look after a non-critical or rated-4 data centre, uptime is key to your success.

We are the chosen partner for hundreds of data centres across the UK and Ireland and are well-trained in understanding the needs of each facility.

We keep critical environments, like computer rooms, server rooms, clean rooms, and plant rooms, at their best. Our certified technicians are responsive around the clock, and they have experience in helping reduce downtime and improving energy efficiency. We can also help by identifying cost-saving solutions to keep systems running and your data safe.

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Efficient Operations

Data centres need to operate as efficiently as possible. Our clients trust our data centre management to keep downtime to a minimum.

High-level Maintenance

We maintain 100,000 data-centre projects in live environments without incident. We consistently provide clear live-contract performance data via KPIs.

Emergency Response

We know sometimes the unthinkable happens. Our team will come to your site with quick and reliable emergency services in moments of disaster.

Always Available

Our cleaning teams are available around the clock to keep your critical spaces in peak condition and ensure maximum uptime.