Safety is Our #1 Priority

Our ThinkSafe culture is a “state of mind.”

From cleaning windows to working on electrical equipment, employees are trained to be aware of what they’re doing, the people around them, the materials and equipment being used, and their surroundings.

Every employee embraces our commitment to safety. On every job site. On every shift.


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Policies Driven By Top Leadership

Our policies and procedures specify the expectations for everyone at ABM, including operating safely. They focus on preventing accidents and injuries and are adapted to your specific requirements.

We strive to avoid injuries by carrying out frequent on-site inspections and audits, and by applying robust safe operating practices.


Communication & Training

One of the most effective ways to improve safety and prevent injuries is to consistently communicate
to employees.

From an employee’s first day, and every day thereafter, they are engaged in our ThinkSafe culture through monthly — and even daily — training, our safety recognition program, and print and digital safety collateral.

We encourage two-way interaction and empower our employees to communicate safety hazards to management through our Safety Hotline, or by reporting information directly to their supervisor.


Safety Absolutes

To reinforce the importance of safety, we have established ABM Safety Absolutes. These safety principles provide clarity about our standards and expectations.

All ABM employees are expected to work in accordance with these standards, OSHA requirements, and NFPA standards.

Safe Work Observation Program

Actions influence performance. Our Safe Work Observation Program provides a path to safety excellence by making safe working behaviors a part of the ThinkSafe culture.

For employees, it reduces injuries and improves morale. For our clients, it boosts safe performance and overall productivity, while cutting cost.



Fleet Telematics

When you see ABM vehicles on the road, you’ll know that our drivers are committed to safe driving behaviors through our telematics technology.

Telematics is a small device that plugs directly into the vehicle that tracks the employee’s driving behaviors and habits.


Telematics technology helps us encourage better driving behaviors and keep our employees and the public safe. It also ensures client satisfaction through on-time service delivery and reducing the cost of doing business.

Environmental Health & Sustainability

We are keenly focused on how our facilities and operations affect our shared environment. Just as we are Building Value for you through world-class services, we continually seek to enhance our organizational efficiency and reduce our own carbon footprint across the enterprise.


We’ve built our strong reputation by continually striving to improve upon our service offerings through our ABM GreenCare® program. As part of the program, we actively work with you on a wide range of these efforts, from energy reduction to green cleaning and LEED certification.

Check out our 2017 Sustainability Report

Contact us today to learn how these Safety Awareness Programs could affect the safety of your operations and environment:

Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Program
Electrical Safety
Environmental Health & Safety Training Assessment
Ergonomic Safety
Fall Protection Program
Globally Harmonized System for Hazard Communication
Job Hazard Analysis Protocol
Incident Reporting & Investigations Program
Injury, Illness & Prevention Program (IIPP)
Site Safety Inspections & Hazard Assessment Programs
Walking Working Surfaces

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