Jordan Ross – Operations Director Technical Solutions

Jordan has over 20 years of experience in the engineering sector, starting his career as a marine engineer before moving into facilities management.

Within FM, Jordan has successfully managed large-scale contracts spanning over 3 million square feet, overseeing the full spectrum of FM services, including energy and utility services.

Jordan’s most recent experience includes serving as a senior FM consultant, where he was seconded to a major utility provider as the facilities manager. During this role, he developed and delivered a comprehensive scope of FM services to ensure the company’s compliance across all areas.

As operations director of technical solutions, Jordan is responsible for overseeing all planned and reactive maintenance on clients’ sites. His commitment and knowledge of ESG has helped clients achieve operational efficiencies and optimize asset management.

Jordan works closely with ABM’s energy experts’ division to help clients future-proof their businesses with the latest and most innovative technologies available through ABM. His deep understanding and experience in this field enable him to provide valuable support and guidance to clients in their pursuit of energy-efficient solutions.