Ian Anderson – MD All Ireland

Ian Anderson -MD All Ireland

Ian has over 30 years of experience in Operational Management and has successfully led the business through numerous change initiatives. His leadership has resulted in increased revenues and profitability, and significant development in the strength and integrity of our brand.

Having overall accountability for business outputs, including the delivery of growth and profitability, Ian develops and executes business strategies. In addition, Ian oversees all business functions to ensure we operate effectively and align with the expectations of those strategies.

Ian’s natural strengths and abilities has allowed him to balance business priorities with ESG improvements. As a result, we are now one of a select group of organizations leading and influencing ESG policy and strategies in Ireland.

Elaine Corbally – Sales Director

Elaine Corbally - Sales Director

Elaine has been a driving force behind the business development division of the company in Ireland for over 18 years, consistently demonstrating exceptional leadership and support. Her strategic targeting of prospects, balancing opportunity and practicality, has established her as a true business development champion. With cross-functional support from all business departments, Elaine has successfully grown the company to its current size.

Elaine holds a BSc in Management and a diploma in Sales Management from the Michael Smurfit Business School. Her responsibilities extend beyond delivering sales targets to include creating strategies for future growth and business development. Her approach is both passionate and pragmatic, and she is a key contributor and advocate of the ABM brand.

Elaine has established a committed team, leveraging her industry knowledge and experience to foster innovation and provide solutions for clients, creating partnerships that benefit all involved.

David Ferguson – Operations Director

David Ferguson - Operations Director

With over 30 years in the industry, David is a key driver of technology and innovation for our business.

David possesses extensive experience in the Irish Healthcare Industry, and his portfolio of clients includes some of the largest acute hospitals in Ireland, as well as global corporations headquartered in Ireland. In addition, his expertise in GMP has allowed us to expand our client base into the food and biosciences sectors.

David’s strength in contract reengineering and implementing efficiencies has led to significant cost savings for our customers.

David is committed to strong and long-lasting partnerships with both his clients and his team.

Alana Dunican – HR Director

Alana Dunican - HR Director

Alana is accountable for overseeing all aspects of our HR function. She provides strategic guidance and leadership in creating a vision and direction for all HR-related programs, policies, and procedures, including resourcing, CSR, and learning and development.

Alana has been a member of our team since 2006, when she joined as an HR assistant. Her ambition and focus have propelled her through several internal promotions, and she now holds the position of director, which she assumed in 2015.

As a qualified HR expert, Alana plays a pivotal role in day-to-day operations, guiding incoming and outgoing contract transitions and ensuring adherence to company and legislative criteria.

Alana is not only a key influencer but also an experienced mediator, with a proven track record of developing excellent relationships with external stakeholders, and holds responsibility for all employee, trade union, and labor relations negotiations.

In addition, Alana represents ABM on several key external platforms, including the Irish Contract Cleaning Association and Joint Labour Committees. Alana holds the Chartered Fellow status with CIPD (Chartered FCIPD).

Paul Dalton – Operations Director

Paul Dalton - Operations Director

With over 30 years of experience in the service industry, including more than a decade in the growing Data Centre/Technology Manufacturing Industry in Ireland, Paul is a highly skilled and knowledgeable leader. He has a deep understanding of how to optimize team configurations with a strong emphasis on health and safety, ensuring that all work is delivered to the highest quality standards for both clients and staff.

Paul is responsible for our Industrial Division, and in 2022, he expanded our Specialist Mobile teams, providing local industrial support for ABM clients nationwide.

Jordan Ross – Operations Director Technical Solutions

Jordan Ross - Operations Director Technical Solutions

Jordan has over 20 years of experience in the engineering sector, starting his career as a marine engineer before moving into facilities management.

Within FM, Jordan has successfully managed large-scale contracts spanning over 3 million square feet, overseeing the full spectrum of FM services, including energy and utility services.

Jordan’s most recent experience includes serving as a senior FM consultant, where he was seconded to a major utility provider as the facilities manager. During this role, he developed and delivered a comprehensive scope of FM services to ensure the company’s compliance across all areas.

As operations director of technical solutions, Jordan is responsible for overseeing all planned and reactive maintenance on clients’ sites. His commitment and knowledge of ESG has helped clients achieve operational efficiencies and optimize asset management.

Jordan works closely with ABM’s energy experts’ division to help clients future-proof their businesses with the latest and most innovative technologies available through ABM. His deep understanding and experience in this field enable him to provide valuable support and guidance to clients in their pursuit of energy-efficient solutions.

Niall Partridge – Finance Director

Niall Partridge - Finance Director

As the head of accounting and financial control for our business in Ireland, Niall Partridge is responsible for overseeing all related functions and ensuring their effective management.

In addition, Niall’s team oversees the purchasing, insurance, fleet, stores and stock management functions.

Niall holds a BA (Hons) in Business and Finance and has amassed over 25 years of experience in financial management, excelling at the executive level. Niall has worked in highly competitive B2B sectors across various European markets, consistently achieving success throughout his career.

Since assuming his current role in July 2019, Niall has leveraged his extensive knowledge and experience to introduce numerous new initiatives and controls that have proven successful in achieving their objectives.

As an integral member of our leadership team, Niall has embraced the intricate nature and complexities of our business, leading by example, with a strong emphasis on financial and operational focus.

Zach Corbett – Head of Governance, Risk & Compliance

Zach Corbett - Head of Governance, Risk & Compliance

Zach has been a valuable member of our team for more than eight years, starting as an operations and compliance manager for one of our most esteemed contracts. His exceptional performance and contributions led to his promotion to his current role as the Head of Governance, Risk & Compliance.

Zach leads the compliance team and is responsible for setting the strategic direction for Governance, Risk & Compliance across the All-Ireland business, including health and safety, environment, and quality. He also oversees the project management function and is responsible for the robust execution of critical projects across our business.

Zach’s role is essential to the continual improvement of our business processes and procedures. He is responsible for identifying gaps and working collaboratively with stakeholders to enhance performance, resulting in a robust HSEQ management system and maintaining key company accreditations such as ISO and the SIA ACS scheme.

Peter Brogan – Operations Director

Peter Brogan - Operations Director

Peter joined our team in 2010, bringing with him a strong background in hospitality. His meticulous commitment to quality has been a key driver of his success, progressing to his current role in 2017.

Peter has been pivotal to the success of several initiatives. With a background in the Aviation Sector, Peter brings a high standard of security, safety, and commitment to his portfolio of clients.

His dedication to offering industry-leading quality and standards has earned him a diverse portfolio of client accounts across Ireland, including Soft and Hard Services. Peter’s greatest strength lies in his ability to guide clients through the process of reimagining their requirements.